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TsAGI at the 11th All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists: “Issues of mechanics: theory, experiment, new technology”
In late March, the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI, part of the National Research Center “Institute named after professor N.E. Zhukovsky”) took part in the 11th All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists; “Issues of mechanics: theory, experiment, new technology.” The event took place in Sheregesh village, Kemerovo Region.

Experts of The Aircraft and Missiles Aerodynamics Department of TsAGI presented several reports. The report by Anastasia Bolshakova, Junior Fellow, “Research of dynamic performance of strain-gauge balances” (co-author Anton Gorbushin) was awarded Certificate of the second degree. The report gives a description of the dynamic analysis test unit created by the Institute scientists, as well as experimental procedures and data analysis related thereto. “During tests in a wind tunnel there are intense self-oscillations emerging within the system “a model — balances — supporting device,” explained Anastasia Bolshakova. “When this happens, the strain-gauge balances would not measure aerodynamic loads onto a model alone, but also do some inertial loads resulting from the system rotation. Mathematics model of the system oscillation would be required to extract useful component of the load. To verify this model research outcome will be used.”

Also presented at the conference was the scientific work, “Creating mathematics model for analyses of evolving remote trailing vortex within the frame of LES” (authors: Igor Bosnyakov, Georgiy Sudakov). The study focuses on modeling of aircraft trailing vortex with large eddy simulations (LES). In the report, Igor Bosnyakov, Junior Fellow, stated: “Any aircraft would leave a trailing vortex behind itself. This flow is very intense and would be a potential danger for any aircraft entering it. The research data could be used to avoid running into a trailing vortex, to diminish delays in flight schedules, as well as for analyzing flight mishaps associated with vortex turbulence.”

The goal of the All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists “Issues of mechanics: theory, experiment, new technology” was to contribute to knowledge sharing and transfer of scientific experience in the field of continuum dynamics, to allow for presenting achievements among colleagues and making useful business contacts. The Conference topics included the flow stability and flow turbulence of homogeneous and heterogeneous fluids, diagnostics processes for aerophysical research, shock waves, physical and chemical flow dynamics, tribology, tribomechanics, biomechanics, etc.

Source: TsAGI.

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